On this page you'll find the latest books by Damien Bruyndonckx, published by Éditions ENI and Packt Publishing. These are the books we use in our TechSmith Camtasia,  Adobe Captivate and Adobe Learning Manager training courses. They are also publicly available for sale. We're delighted and proud to be able to share the expertise we've gained from writing these books with our customers.

Enterprise LMS with Adobe Learning ManagerEnterprise LMS with Adobe Learning Manager

By Damien Bruyndonckx - Packt Publishing - June 2023 - In English

Want to deliver high-performance e-learning solutions? The latest version of Adobe Learning Manager is a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) that enables organizations to deliver, manage and monitor immersive learning experiences. This book harnesses the full potential of Learning Manager and helps you become a seasoned administrator, author or trainer, by experimenting with Learning Manager from different angles.

You'll gain an in-depth understanding of the features and their impact on your business. From platform configuration to training administration, you'll be able to create blended learning experiences, deploy your content on different devices and explore Learning Manager's features to track your students' progress on a daily basis. Finally, you'll discover techniques for organizing and maintaining your training catalog while enhancing the learner experience.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to use Adobe Learning Manager to implement your organization's training strategy, deliver engaging learning experiences and generate meaningful reports to monitor their effectiveness.


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Camtasia 2020 Réalisez vos tutoriels et vidéos d'entrepriseCamtasia 2020 - Réalisez vos tutoriels et vidéos d'entreprise

By Damien Bruyndonckx - Éditions ENI - June 2020 - in French

The technological revolution has radically changed the way we learn and communicate. Among the new learning and communication modalities available, video has come out particularly well. For training and communication professionals, creating videos is becoming an essential skill.

This book guides you through the creation of two video projects with TechSmith Camtasia. The first is a classic tutorial such as those available on the most popular video platforms. The second is a studio video shot on green screen, a technique increasingly used by internal and external corporate communications departments.

These two projects will give you a complete overview of Camtasia's main tools. Among other things, you'll discover how to capture your screen, edit your video, apply animations, transitions and other special effects, record high-quality audio narrations and produce MP4 files that you can share with your viewers via the many video-sharing platforms available on the Internet.

You'll also discover a host of tips and tricks, often very simple to implement, but which will play a decisive role in the professional look of your productions.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to produce professional-quality video tutorials and attractive communication videos, to the delight of your learners, colleagues and customers.

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Mastering Adobe Captivate 2019Mastering Adobe Captivate 2019 - Fifth Edition

By Damien Bruyndonckx and Dr Pooja Jaisingh - Packt Publishing - January 2019 - In English

Adobe Captivate is used to create highly engaging, interactive and responsive eLearning content. This book offers a hands-on approach and takes you through the creation of different types of eLearning content, covering a variety of features and workflows in Adobe Captivate.

By the end of this book, you'll have developed the skills you need to produce high-quality content using different techniques, implement eLearning in your organization, enable eLearning on any device, and even evaluate the effectiveness of content using extended quiz functions.

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