Your privacy

Your privacy

Since May 2018, all European companies have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Many organizations see this as a constraint. Instead, One2Learn considers the GDPR an opportunity and has therefore decided to put the respect of your privacy at the very heart of its operations. On this page, you'll discover the practical steps we're taking towards this goal.

Nos services sont auto hébergésAll our online services are self-hosted

We self-host all our websites, audience analysis platforms, marketing tools and even our messaging system. This enables us to offer you a customized, high-quality service. It also enables us to customize the security of our sites so that you can browse with complete confidence.

Our dedicated servers are located in four European datacenters in France, Germany and Finland, so that your data is protected by the European law. We make daily backups of our sites and data ourselves. These backups are stored on a dedicated hard disk located on One2Learn's premises. No third party is involved in the collection and handling of your data.s backups sont stockés sur un disque dur dédié situé dans les locaux de One2Learn.

Nous ne partageons vos données avec personneWe do not share your data with anyone.

The data we collect and use is stored on servers that are entirely dedicated to us, so we know exactly where your data is. We ensure the security and back-up of this data ourselves, so that it never passes through a computer not under our exclusive control. No third party is involved in the collection or manipulation of your personal data.

Furthermore, we commit to never sharing your data with any third party (with the exception of any legal injunctions that may be made to us).

Nous limitons la collecte de données au strict minimumWe limit data collection to the bare minimum

Like all companies, we collect data that enables us to measure the performance of our website (number of visits, number of pages viewed, equipment used, etc.) and to provide you with the High-quality services you expect from us. The GDPR requires that we do not collect this data without your consent. In fact, even if you give us your consent, we promise to only collect data that is strictly necessary for the smooth running of our operations. We also promise to anonymize the data we collect as far as possible. We believe that this approach is a good compromise between your right to privacy and our need to have access to this type of data.

Nous n'utilisons aucune intelligence artificielle ou moteur de recommandationWe do not use artificial intelligence or recommendation engine

Just like you, we've had the experience of being offered highly targeted advertising after making a purchase on the Internet or entering particular keywords into a search engine. This makes us feel uncomfortable. We feel like we're being followed, tracked and studied all the time, with the sole aim of selling us more and more products and services.

At One2Learn, we pledge to never use artificial intelligence or recommendation engines of this kind, even if it complicates and slows down the development of our business. You use our services, we collect the data strictly necessary, we host it ourselves and that's it! That's how much we respect your privacy.