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Adobe Connect is a videoconferencing, presentation and screen-sharing application that is particularly well-suited to the virtual classroom. Adobe Connect rooms are organized around various modules, each with a specific role (conversation, screen sharing, notes, polls, etc.). In this training course, you'll learn how to use these modules to set up your Adobe Connect classrooms. We'll also give you the tips and tricks you need to conduct engaging, interactive virtual classes.

This two-day training course is designed for trainers who need to use Adobe Connect to run virtual classes. Not only will you learn how to use Adobe Connect as a software package, but you'll also discover tips and tricks to help you conduct engaging, interactive virtual classes.

The first day is dedicated to discovering Adobe Connect as a software package. You'll discover the various Adobe Connect pods, both as a learner and as an instructor. You'll also discover how to arrange these pods to build the environnment you need for your virtual classroom teaching scenario.

The second day begins with Adobe Connect administration, where you'll learn how to create new training rooms and administer content libraries. Next, you'll practice running your virtual classroom in real-life conditions, discovering a host of tips and tricks that will make you a better e-trainer.


This course is designed for beginners with no previous experience of Adobe Connect. A working knowledge of your operating system (Mac or Windows) is all you need to get you started. Experience as a trainer (face-to-face or with another virtual classroom solution) is recommended, but not mandatory.

Your Instructor

Damien BruyndonckxAuthor of the "Mastering Adobe Captivate" series of reference books, Damien is a long-standing Adobe partner and world-renowned expert on Adobe Digital Learning tools. Damien is one of the instructors for the official Adobe certification. He teaches courses on Adobe Captivate, Adobe Connect and Adobe Learning Manager all over the world, and is a regular presenter at various eLearning events.

Practical Details

This course can be delivered either face-to-face or online. We will plan the course according to your needs and availability.

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  • ModalitiesFace-to-face or online
  • Price960 EUR (excl) / day
  • Duration2 days
  • LevelBeginner
  • Education / Non-profit-35%
  • AttendeesMax 12

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