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Techsmith Camtasia is a screen capture and video editing software specially designed for training and communication professionals. Camtasia can be used to create video tutorials, green-screen videos, to convert PowerPoint slideshows into videos, and much more. It's one of the most popular eLearning software package on the market. In this training course, you'll learn all about Camtasia's features, as well as a host of video editing tips and tricks that will turn you into an educational video pro.

During this two-day course, you'll work on two video projects. The first is a classic video tutorial, such as those available on the most popular video platforms. The second is a studio video shot against a green background, a technique increasingly used by internal and external corporate communication departments.

These two projects will give you a comprehensive overview of the main Camtasia tools. Among other things, you'll discover how to capture your screen, edit your video, apply animations, transitions and other special effects, record high-quality audio narrations and produce MP4 files that you can share with your viewers via any of the many video-sharing platforms available on the Internet.

The course content mentioned below is based on the latest available version of Camtasia, but this training can be given on all versions (the course content is then adapted according to the chosen version).

This course is intended for organizations and will be delivered at your premises. We do not organize calendar courses on TechSmith Camtasia.


This course is designed for beginners. No prior knowledge of TechSmith Camtasia or video editing is required. A working knowledge of your operating system (Mac or Windows) is all it takes to get you started!

Your instructor

Your instructor - Damien BruyndonckxDamien Bruyndonckx graduated as a primary school teacher. Specializing in eLearning and educational video, Damien is the author of the book "Camtasia 2020 - Réalisez vos tutoriels et vidéos d'entreprise" published by ENI in June 2020. This is the first (and to date the only) book in French on the subject. A recommended Techsmith trainer, he offers here the results of several years of practical experience with TechSmith Camtasia..

TechSmith Recommended Trainer

Course content

The course content is based on the table of contents of Damien Bruyndonckx's book Camtasia 2020 - Réalisez vos tutoriels et vidéos d’entreprise (Camtasia 2020 - Make your own tutorials and corporate videos).

Camtasia Réalisez vos tutoriels et vidéos d'entreprise - Couverture

The entire course content is delivered over two days. You can also choose the topics to be covered an create  a customized course content. The duration of the course is then adapted to the content to be delivered.

  1. Discovering Camtasia (1h)
    This first chapter provides a general overview of Camtasia. We'll talk about the different types of vides, the typical steps involved in producing a video and discover Camtasia's interface.
  2. Creating a new project (1h30)
    In this chapter, you'll learn about the concept of non-destructive editing. You'll cover the questions to ask yourself when creating a new video project: video size (resolution), frame rate, background color, etc. You'll also learn how to work with the Media bin, and how to share projects with other users.
  3. Recording your screen (2h30)
    This chapter explains how to use the built-in Camtasia recorder to record your screen, webcam, narration and system audio. A special focus will be placed on recording PowerPoint slideshows.
  4. Editing your video (3h)
    This chapter covers the basic video editing techniques. You'll learn how to work with tracks in the timeline and how to trim your video clips so as to retain only those sequences that are useful for the final video. You'll also learn how to work with the various types of annotations available in Camtasia.
  5. Transitions, animations, behaviors and special effects (2h30)
    This chapter covers more advanced editing techniques. You'll learn how to use the transitions, animations and special effects available in Camtasia.
  6. Customizing Camtasia (1h)
    In this chapter, you'll learn how to customize Camtasia in order to improve your productivity and exchange data with other users. You'll learn how to use themes, templates, the library and bookmarks, among other things..
  7. Working with audio (2h)
    This chapter covers recording narration, using audio effects, synchronizing the sound and the image, and adding background music. You'll also learn how to subtitle your videos to make them accessible to the widest possible audience.
  8. Making your videos interactive (1h)
    This chapter covers the interactive features of Camtasia. You'll learn how to use interactive zones, markers and quizzes.
  9. Rendering your videos (1h30)
    This final chapter covers all the features needed to render the final video and upload it to various platforms (YouTube, Scorm, etc.). You'll learn how to optimize your video file for its intended use and how to use the Smart Player of Camtasia.

Practical details

This course can be delivered both face-to-face and online. The exercises accompanying this course are taken from the book "Camtasia 2020 - Réalisez vos tutoriels et vidéos d'entreprise" written by your instructor, Damien Bruyndonckx. Although the book has been written in French, the course can be delivered in both French and English

In case of online training training days do not have to be contiguous. We'll plan the training according to your needs and availability.

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