One2Learn offers a wide range of eLearning services, focusing primarily on learning content development. We can help you develop interactive quizzes, design video tutorials, conduct virtual classrooms and much more. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Developing Interactive eLearning modulesInteractive eLearning modules

We develop interactive eLearning modules with the help of Adobe Captivate. These modules can contain all kinds of interactions, such as quizzes, drag-and-drop interactions, learning scenarios and even interactive video. We can also create virtual reality content and eLearning modules that adapt to any screen (responsive design).

We deliver SCORM packages that can be used directly in your LMS. We also deliver the source files so that you retain full control over your content.

Instructional Video ProductionInstructional Video Production

One2Learn produces a wide range of instructional videos. For example, we can produce video tutorials for you, or convert your PowerPoint slideshows into videos. We can even shoot videos against a green background to give your productions a professional look. We deliver your videos in .mp4 format, together with the source files used for production, so that you retain full control over your content.

If required, we can also make your videos interactive by superimposing quizzes or hotspots. In such a case, we deliver SCORM packages that can be used directly on your LMS platform.

Virtual Classes and WebinarsVirtual Classes and Webinars

One2Learn has a vast experience of virtual classrooms and webinars. We can train you and your staff in virtual classroom tools and techniques, help you make the transition to the virtual classroom, assist you in preparing and conducting your webinars, and much more.

We can either work on your own infrastructure, or provide you with our own virtual classroom solution.