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You've taken the HTM 5 / CSS3 - Beginner course (or have an equivalent level) and want to go beyond the solid foundations you already have.  Continue your exploration of HTML and CSS with us as you learn to create more advanced layouts, make your site responsive and integrate forms. You'll also discover the role of JavaScript in creating truly interactive web pages for your visitors.

On the first day of this course, you'll review the basics of HTML and CSS as you transpose a Photoshop layout into an HTML/CSS page. This will enable you to discover the five CSS positioning modes, as well as the media queries that make your site responsive.

On the second day, you'll discover the HTML elements you need to create forms and tables. You'll also learn how to format these new elements using state-of-the-art CSS properties. Finally, you’ll discover the role of JavaScript on a Web page by programming a small animated menu.


This course is designed for people who have taken the HTML5 / CSS3 - beginner course (or equivalent).

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Your trainer - Damien BruyndonckxDamien Bruyndonckx graduated as a primary school teacher. Since 2001, Damien has been active in IT training for adults. He specializes in eLearning, educational video and web development. Since 2015, Damien has been a trainer for LinkedIn Learning. He has recorded some forty video training courses, mainly in the field of web development. His training courses on HTML, CSS and JavaScript have quickly become very popular and are authorities in the field.

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Course content

The content of these two-day courses is based on the completion of a practical exercise. All the concepts covered are therefore immediately put into practice.

Day 1

  1. The basics of HTML and CSS - a reminder
    In this first chapter, you're going to rediscover, at a fast pace, the material covered in the beginner's course. To do so, you'll start with a Photoshop mock-up, which you'll have to translate into HTML and CSS code.
  2. The five positioning modes of CSS
    To generate truly advanced layouts, you need to know more about the five CSS positioning modes. In this chapter, you'll learn how to use static, relative, absolute, fixed and sticky positioning.
  3. The basics of Flexbox and grids
    In recent years, two new layout modules have been added to the CSS language: the Flexbox module and the CSS Grids module. Let's take a quick look at these modules to discover the basic principles on which they are based and how to implement them on our web page.
  4. Making your site responsive
    Now it's time to learn how to make your site responsive. In particular, you'll learn what a responsive site is, how to test a responsive site and how to use CSS media queries.

Day 2

  1. Creating and formatting forms
    Forms are an essential element of any website. They enable the creation of truly interactive web applications. In this chapter, you'll learn the HTML tags needed to create forms, as well as the CSS properties that will enable you to format them.
  2. Creating and formatting tables
    Tables are another essential tool for any web developer. In this chapter, you'll learn the HTML tags you need to define various types of table, as well as the CSS properties you need to format them.
  3. Introduction to JavaScript
    JavaScript is the third language essential to any modern website. In this chapter, you'll discover the role of JavaScript in a web page. You will also install the jQuery library on your site and write a small JavaScrip function to animate a drop-down menu.

Practical details

This training course can be delivered either face-to-face or online.  In case of online training, the two training days do not have to be contiguous. We'll plan the course according to your needs and availability.

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HTML5 / CSS3 - Advanced

  • ModalitiesFace-to-face or online
  • Eduction / Non profit-35%
  • Price650 EUR (Excl) / Day
  • Duration2 days
  • LevelIntermediate
  • AttendeesMax 12

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